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5 ill effects of Technology

5 ill effects of Technology
Image credit: Pexels

with the advancement of technology, the nature, and lifestyle of people have changed completely. There are lots of demerits of technology.

The modern world has witnessed so many changes. With the coming up of advancement of technology, the world is processing. Have we ever thought that technology has made up crippled? We are getting everything in our hands but we are detaching with everyone. In this article, we are going to describe how technology is disturbing our life.

What are the adverse effects of technology in our life?

There are so many adverse effects of technology. Those are as follows.

Depletion of resources: The major threat that is facing the advancement of technology is the depletion of resources. It has been noticed that the production of corn has been disrupted due to technology. The climatic change is the major reason for the depletion of resources. Not only corn but also other food crops are exploited.

Health concern: Technology has depleted the health of many people. People are busy with computers and mobiles. Radiation is not good for human health. But we all have bounded here. So, the lifespan of people is decreasing. Moreover, people are not leading a healthy life. The increasing usage of technology has created many types of new diseases which we haven’t heard of before.

Affecting privacy: Technology has destroyed our privacy completely. Nowadays there are Alexa, cameras, video recording, and many more. This thing is affecting our life a lot. We are unable to lead a free life. Moreover, it has also been noticed that some of our photos are getting licked out without our permission. This thing is affecting the privacy of.

Crime and terrorism: Technology proves to be the master of crime and terrorism. Terrorists are utilizing social media and promoting their missions. The same thing goes with the drug dealers as well. Technology helps these criminals to progress. So, technology is advancing and with that technology and terrorism are also increasing.

Socially disconnected: We are getting connected with the people but socially we are not getting connected with our near and dear ones. People live in isolation. Researchers concluded that lack of real-life contact is the cause of depression and anxiety in our life. Nations are coming to be self-centered every day.

How can we improve our lifestyle?

We can’t say goodbye to technology. However, we have to be focused on our motives. Sometimes meditations can help us to concentrate on our work. We should use technology only when it is necessary. As we all know that using mobile computers, the internet is not good for health but still, we sit in front of it for a long time. Even if we do not have any work to do, we still spend our time on it. Our willpower can help us to drive ourselves from using technology too much. Technology is replacing our social connection with other people.

To sum up, we must say that living without technology is not possible. We have to live with it. However, we can help ourselves focus on our work by reducing the usage of technology. Only our willpower can help us to do so.