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How Technology Has Resulted In Illness?

How Technology Has Resulted In Illness
Image credit: Pexels

Technology has resulted in mental and physical illness. The youngsters can’t get out of the hangover of technology. The result and effect are several kinds of diseases at a tender age.

Is Technology Responsible For Illness?

The answer to this question is yes. Technology has given us a comfortable life but it has also given us several kinds of diseases. People are suffering from various mental and physical ailments. In this article, we are going to describe all the illnesses which come from using too much technology.

Eye strain: People use computers and mobile phones nowadays beyond their limits. Naturally, it creates a problem in their eyes. All the children nowadays are seen with spectacles. Moreover, adults also develop blurry vision, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, etc. Even the eye drops are not helpful in this case. The eyes always become wet. Many people have also lost their eyesight.

Musculoskeletal problems: We use mobiles by leaning our heads down. Researchers claimed that this position is harmful to the neck and shoulder. The pain slowly takes place in another region of your body. So, at a tender age, the youngsters are developing spinal cord injury, spondylitis, and many other muscle problems. Some people also suffer from severe back pain.

Pain in body parts: Mobile users sometimes feel numbness and pain in their various body parts. They also develop pain in the wrist, thumb, and fingers. Overusing technology results in this. One has to be careful in this manner. Moreover, the physical movement seems to be absent. So, the gastric problem is very common.

Insomnia: 90% of people suffer from sleep disorders. Many people take sleeping pills to sleep at night. It is due to the overuse of technology. Moreover, people also keep mobile phones in front of their heads. It is the most dangerous thing.

Unknown diseases: Nowadays, we all are facing unknown diseases. Even after thorough research, people are unable to know the reason. The harmful radiation emitted from mobile and computers affects human health. It is the reason people are getting attacked by several unknown diseases.

Cardiac problem: At middle age, people are suffering from heart disease. Technology is creating the problem and people are suffering from it. People often keep mobile phones in their chest pockets. The rays emit and it creates a blockage in the heart.

Anxiety: Technology made our life smooth. But unfortunately, people are feeling lonely. Every time virtual conversation makes us lonely. So, people are suffering from mental problems like anxiety and depression. Anxiety, mood fluctuations, depression is very common.

Emotionless: Technology has made us emotionless. People are leading a materialistic life. We are living in a virtual world where there is no interaction with people. That is why people are turning to be emotionless. Only in the virtual world, people get to know one another.

Brain problem: With the advancement of technology, people are developing brain diseases. The rays are affecting the brain as well. That is why brain hemorrhage is common nowadays.

Technology became part and parcel of our life. We can’t ignore it. On the other hand, physical and mental ailments are also common. So, to get rid of illnesses, we need to stop using technology.