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Ways to Decorate Your Instagram Bio

Ways to Decorate Your Instagram Bio

Instagram is now growing faster than ever for its business potential. Brands and influencers are using the potential of this social media application to the fullest to promote their content and reach more people every minute. Now, what is the first thing that grabs our attention on Instagram? The Instagram bio not only gives a clear idea of the brand or profile but also gives valid reasons to the new visitors to follow the account. One must get innovative to present themselves best in the limited space. Here are some tips:

A touch of personality:

As the introduction to every new visitor, the bio should not be monotonous. A personal touch makes it look more real and helps build the trust among followers. This is the place where you may give some catchy basic information of your brand and the vision in general. You might want to add special skills and clarify what kind of business you run.

Hashtags go a long way:

Instagram is the world of hashtags for it becomes easy to connect with tagged contents using this feature. Having a branded Instagram hashtag helps a lot too. It draws the attention of the viewers and makes to easy to redirect interested people to various user generated products. Using hashtag makes it easier for a brand in the sharing process as well.

If you have a sub brand or any other account then linking that profile via hashtag is also good for the business.

Get an emoji display:

The role of an emoji is to say more within limited space. That is why just one character emoji has the ability to tell more than mere words. One can play with the emojis with describe key details of the brand or the account.

Apart from this factor, the presence of the emoji makes the feed look more colorful and refreshing.

Take up space:

Online world and especially social media is extremely noisy. People are impatient here and that is why they do not have much time read. They scan every profile for information chunk which can easily give them the whole idea. That is why; it is necessary and almost mandatory to use line breaks and space to engage more people with your feed.

Custom fonts:

Using different, vibrant fonts is also very much in trend. Apart from giving your bio a stylish and trendy look it also helps highlight certain aspects of your bio according to your wish.

Call for action:

Finally, attaching a link to the official website for your brand is very helpful. Only in the bio section of Instagram one can attach a direct link which can be used by users to get redirected to the official website. After reading the bio, people will want to take a look at your feed and your business. Provide them with that opportunity.

To sum it up, Instagram bio is the backbone of the profile giving a general idea of the profile to the users. Keeping it creative and innovative helps a lot but the main mantra is to keep it changing and updating with time.