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List Of Some Demerits Of Social Media

List Of Some Demerits Of Social Media
Image credit: Pexels

Social media can also prove to be a curse if we do not handle it properly. The unhealthy lifestyle of people is only because of excessive use of social media.

Some Disadvantages Of Social Media

As we all know that social media plays an important role in our life but there is another side of the coin also. If we are not aware of it, then you will be in trouble. It also has some disadvantages. However, we don’t pay much attention to it. We will state the unfavorable conditions of social media.

How does social media prove to be a disaster in our life?

With the advancement of technology, people are leading a materialistic life. They tend to create a world where only they and social media exist. It also proves to be a curse, especially to the younger generation.

Cyberbullying: Researches and surveys claimed that teenagers are the main victims of cyberbullying. It is very easy to create a fake account and can hack all your information without you being noticed. Moreover, the hackers also collect pictures and videos without asking permission. It can ruin any person’s life.

Addiction: People cannot focus on their work or studies as they are highly addicted to social media. Watching songs on YouTube and playing videos on Facebook seems ideal to some people. These things eventually cut them from society. They are getting the information of the entire world without knowing what is happening to their neighbors.

Reputation: Another disadvantage of social media is reputation. Any foe can easily spread rumors against you by providing false documents. In a single day, whatever prestige you earned can be ruined. On the other hand, businesses also suffered a great loss with a false reputation.

Glorifies drugs and alcohol: One of the greatest disadvantages of social media is that people tend to follow those persons who are drug-addicted. They get inspiration from them and like to spend their time watching them. This thing eventually helps the students to lead an unhealthy life.

Health problems: People are becoming lazy nowadays for the excessive use of social media. It brings disorders to their routine. People invest much of their time in social media without doing exercises and diets. Naturally, at a tender age, one suffers from many health problems.

Cheating in love cases: It is common for boys and girls to fall in love in conversation on social media. Many people chat with their fake profiles. Some even give false information about them. So, ultimately the other person gets cheated in love. This thing even leads to suicidal cases. However, there are many instances where a boy calls the girl and takes advantage of her.

Hacking: Hacking has also become common nowadays. Technology has advanced a lot. So, hackers are available everywhere. Some hackers can take your photos and videos and can use them for the wrong purpose. The main thing is that people are entirely aware of it. Social media has also been in fraud and scam cases in the last decade.

To conclude, we must say that we have to use social media wisely. As we all know that social media plays an important role in our life but we have to be careful in this matter.